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This is what we will do for your photos


Before we can really get down to work we have to see what there is to work with. In a perfect world we would pull together every single picture that you own but as the days and weeks pass, this is becoming a greater challenge.

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It is hard to take the perfect picture right from the camera, no matter how expensive it is. Years ago we had a few options like Brightness and Saturation, but the list of enhancements available to the casual user is exploding.

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Restoration is reserved for your photos that are physically damaged with creases, rips, stains, water damage or even entire chunks that are missing. Restoration of a single photo can take less than a minute or hours depending on the severity.

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Once we finish the necessary organization and edits and your photo library is in the best working condition we can start creating anything involving photos (your photos) with ease. The possibilities are nearly endless here and might include enlargements, collages, framed prints, books, albums or any other photo product you have seen in the past.

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Another area of photography that is experiencing tremendous growth. In just 20 years we have gone from having our photos in albums and old boxes to having our photos in the cloud. Think of the cloud as just another hard drive. We will discuss your needs and set you up with a simple plan to protect you photos but also ensure it is not too complicated going forward while you add more photos to your library.

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